Casio Exilim EX-Z35 Camera Review

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The Latest of Casio: Exilim EX-Z35

Though its photo quality significantly drops above ISO 200, and a short battery life, Casio Exilim EX-Z35 has new features and exceptional design worthy of its price. Is it cheap? Yes! But Exilim is not cheap-looking with its ultra compact feature for bright lighting video coverage and for capturing decent photos.

EX-Z35 has a slender design and an extraordinary feature set. With an adequate lighting, it produces decent and high-quality photos and excellent shooting performance. Although it’s cheap, it comes in elegant colors of black, blue, silver, pink, or purple. Its body is composed of mostly metal which makes it more attractive.

Moreover, it weighs very light and so small that it could fit even in tiny pockets. Casio Exilim has a wee LCD sufficient enough for viewing and framing shots. Naturally, the thumb rests between a Movie mode button and the right rim of the LCD; with just one press, recording starts and with a second press, recording stops; and then shooting still pictures resumes. What’s more impressive is that shooting stills can be done while recording a video. However, the recording stops at once, after the capture, the video recording resumes. A Camera Mode and Playback buttons automatically turn on the camera to their individual modes. Furthermore, it provides a Set button, Best Shot button, and circular directional pad.

Nevertheless, all the settings can be accessed by a Menu button. Other shooting options can be opened with a click of a Set button, for faster access through the right side of the screen. Exilim also provides a program to enhance exposure compensation, white balance, ISO and the like. The Best Shot mode enables the camera to go in a full menu system for changing the focus mode. Consequently, changing the focus to macro or manual can be accessed in the menu system in order to switch to the appropriate scene mode. Indeed, it’s very easy and simple to navigate and adjust various shooting modes and settings through its full menu system. Casio Exilim offers further adjustments for saturation, contrast, sharpness, and adding color filters. Also, it provides built-in Eye-Fi SD card for support and for transferring photos through wireless network connection. At the base of the unit are SD card slot and battery with enough security by means of a flimsy locking door. For a 200-shot target, the CIPA-rated battery life of Exilim is very possible. However, the frequent use of recording movies and zoom lens tend to shorten the battery life.

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