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Popular Korean RTS Game Starcraft Professionals Accused of Gambling

There isn’t a single professional sport in the world which is not marred by the gambling accusations. Starcraft is one South Korean game that is popular to the levels where people go to the ext…


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NBA Jam Set for an Arrival on the Wii Gaming Console this December

NBA Jam was a heck of a video game when it all began back in 1993 but times have seriously evolved since then and the gamers now seek a different quality of gaming altogether. The Arcade gaming title…


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Sony PS3 Firmware 3.21 Update Released with Elimination of ‘Install Other OS’ Feature

All PS3 owners by now shall be receiving the Firmware 3.21 update provided they logged into the PlayStation network. Once the update is seeded, it will surprisingly remove the ‘Install Other OS…


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Modern Warfare 2 DLC Packs to Come Out This Spring

Exclusively for Xbox 360 with the exclusive multiple CLD packs, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will going to be available in this upcoming spring as revealed by Activision and Microsoft as expected b…


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Razer breaks out of the PC gaming scene with pair of Xbox 350 peripherals

For all of the long waited Razer fans who areon Xbox, the wait could finally come close to an end as Razer finally going to attach itself to the professional peripheral in Xbox 360. Apparently the ap…


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Sony Play station to overturn The Cell Architecture

When the market is busy in maintaining the neck to neck competition with the existing high consumer demands, Sony is rumored to be involved in ditching the Cell Architecture in their present project …


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Xbox 360 Elegant Edition

Most of you might be having a though that XBOX 360 have many cool gaming features but if we talk about the looks and style, then it is not among the best. But now, there has been a revolutionary chan…


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