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Over the time your PC becomes slow and you keep wondering what could have cause it. One of the reasons why your PC may become slow is that, Windows operating system generates a lot of temporary files as it does a number of operations. When you install a program it makes an entry into the windows registry. Over the period of time you also uninstall the program, but the corresponding registry does not get cleared. This slows down the Windows start up process. It is essential that you get rid of the unwanted temporary files and the unwanted registry that you accumulate over the time.

Windows does has an in build Cleaner, however, it does not remove all of the trash. There is one software that comes to your help – It is CCleaner. The Ccleaner is small in footprint and fast in action. Ccleaner will remove almost all of your temporary files and it also cleanes many undesirable things like internet browsing history. Ccleaner is a freeware and you can download and install it for free. It is free for personal as well as professional use.

Ccleaner supports the following four major operations


As the name implies this one deals with the Registry entry. Clicking ‘Scan for issues’ in the Ccleaner will display a list of undesirable registry contents. Upon clicking ‘Fix selected issues’, it would fix these registry entries, and will potentially make start up faster.

The cleaner scans for undesirable files and then displays a list of these files and prompt for ‘Analyze’.When you click ‘Run Cleaner’ it will remove unwanted files and will also display how much of the hard drive made space due to this process.

Uninstall: The uninstall tool in Ccleaner is a quick way to uninstall programs in place of the Add/Remove Programs feature from from Windows ( in the Control panel). An advantage of using the Ccleaner in place of Windows uninstall in that Ccleaner tool will also wipe out the the registry entires corresponding to the uninstalled software.


If you feel that your windows take a lot of time in start up – this tool is useful for you. What happens is that some software during their installations add a start-up entry into registry leading to increase in the start-up time.

If you could start these as and when needed, your windows start up time will increase. Ccleaner has a simple way of doing it. interface to do this in a easy way. Disable the unnecessary start-up items carefully. You must do it carefully and make sure you are you not disabling the starting of particular windows function.

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