Celeron P4600

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The Celeron P4600 is a dual core processor clocked at 2GHz. The word celeron has traditionally embedded in the minds of users as a low performance processors used in cheaper notebooks. Traditionally, the Celeron processors had the Cache memory stripped off it giving low performance.

Celeron P4600 is different. They are based upon the same architecture as that of the core i3 and core i5 processors. True, the Cache memory has has been reduced – but they have not been completely removed. While a typical core i3 processor has 3 MB of Cache memory, the Celeron P4600 has 2 MB of cache memory.  This is not that bad. Another noticeable degradation has been the removal of Hyperthreading – while core i3 processor does has support for Hyperthreading. As a pure hardware engineer you know that Hyperthreading does not provide real additional processing power. So we can safely assume that the Celeron P4600 has a decent performance even after the cache memory is reduced from 3 MB to 2MB and the Hyperthreading is disabled.

Other than these two the Celeron P4600 retains the beauty of the Arrandale architecture. It has the integrated memory controller, with reduced latency, making fast communication with the memory. It communicates with the chipset using fast DMI Bus at 2.5 GT/s.

The Celeron P4600 is built with 32 nm technology and has TDP rating of 35 Watts. The integrated GPU in P4600 further reduces the system cost by not requiring an external discrete graphics component.

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