Cisco Debuts the Valet Wireless Acess Point for All home Types

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Setting up a wireless internet connection at home can be a real hassle and more so if you do not have the apt technical know-how to setup the device. To avoid such confusions, you can always opt to purchase the just outed Cisco Valet, an easy wireless access point for all home types. You just need to get the Valet Hotspot home and follow the easy installation guide and within minutes, you will be exploring the world of internet boundlessly.

The Valet comes with an Easy Set Up key that can be plugged into a standard USB port on the computer. The key itself sets up the computer correctly to access the WiFi network.

Once a connection starts running smoothly on the first device, the key can then be used to get other machines in the home online as well. The Valet is available in three variants that match the requirements of every home type.

For the medium and small houses, there is a smaller Valet that costs $99.99 while for the huge mansions, you can purchase the bigger Valet that is priced at $149.99. [Via: Slashgear]

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