Cisco Flip Slide HD Finally Available for $279

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Well, there is a plethora of better and more functional camcorders available for a $279 price tag out there in the market and this is one reason you may ignore the latest Cisco Flip family member straight away. If you still insist, you then have every right to know that the Flip Slide HD from Cisco is finally available after all its promotional tantrums. The Flip Slide HD gets a three-inch screen which can be folded down while recording and therein, it functions as a resistive touchscreen.

Resistive would have just been fine but, the Cisco Video SlideHD pocket camcorder device demands a hefty price and therefore Cisco shouldn’t have stopped before the capacitive version.

We head on to the brighter aspects after the caustic beginning and what we do like is the presence of a headphone jack in addition to stereo speakers and HDMI out. This implies that it can finally be used as a personal media device as well.

Comparisons can be drawn with the Flip Mino HD as it offers the same 720p video with no image stabilization but the storage count now sits at 16GB. With that storage space, you get four hours of record time and 12 hours of compressed video storage.

Source: Engadget

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