Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box Review

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High definition and digital content has become somewhat of a new standard when it comes to home television experience today. If it is not digital, then you cannot expect the same quality of viewing experience as those digital counterparts can offer. Hence, digital converters were created to offer consumers access to a seemingly unlimited amount of digital content from their television. One such new model is the Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box that you can buy from your favorite retailer (online or local) at an estimated price tag of $45. Buying this digital converter box will include the settop box which is utilized mainly for picking up air signals, then transmitting it directly onto your television such that you can enjoy the content from your own living room without subscribing to cable channels or services.

The settop box for  Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box is lightweight with an average of 1 pound. Hence, you should encounter no problem trying to set this one up or move it wherever you like. The front panel design is also rather minimalist such that everything is kept simple and easily accessible for non-techie users. There are three buttons available in the front panel, which include channel plus, channel minus, and the power button. You will therefore encounter no problem trying to operate this device and you can also view the status of the converter box via a LED display.

Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box comes with support for as much as 18 different ATSC signal transmission standards. The acronym ATSC literally stands for Advanced Television Standards Committee, which is an indepenent organization that has set the standard for digital television signals transmissions and it is therefore important for your settop box to meet this standard to ensure quality results. You can select from three different types of digital transmission that is compatible with most transmitters today, which are satellite, cable, and terrestrial.

Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box is used mainly for converting a digital signal to an analog television, which is manufactured using standards of yesteryears. These television units are known to provide support only for up to 480 pixels, which is way behind current television standards.

You can enjoy several benefits for opting to use  Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box, which includes ease of operation despite the complexity of this process. The product has also earned certiification from various bodies such as the FCC, ETL, and the CE. The integration of an EPG or electronic programming guide into this digital converter also provides you maximum control over your watching schedule such that you can view programs up to a week ahead such that you’d never have to miss a single favorite program.

Other notable features available to the  Coby DTV102 ATSC Standard-Definition Converter Box include an analog pass. It therefore enables you to utilize an analog signal to avoid glitches or experience minimal disturbances to the signal for more quality digital content viewing. A warranty is also available for this product, which is enough to cover damaged parts and labor. 

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