Comcast TV Everywhere coming December

Posted by Stefan on November 12th, 2009 in Announcements | 1 Comment


To whom it may concern, you’re probably aware that Comcast is getting ready to stream live TV to all its customers. That’s right, if you’re a Comcast customer, come December you will have the ability to watch your programming online from any of three authorized PC’s.

The bad news is this will count towards that 250GB cap they have begun to place on customers oh and no word on HD content. So far programming is looking pretty promising, but come on Comcast, enough with the caps already. Hopefully other providers (Verizon, BrightHouse, Optimum) will follow suit in the near future.

via engadget

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  1. Nate says

    January 12, 2011

    As a DISH employee I would like to point out two huge advantages in live streaming content over Comcast. DISH subscribers have the ability to watch live-streming content on their smartphone or ipad today! Second you dont have to be at home to do this with Comcast.