Compaq CQ10-405DX Netbook Review

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This CQ10-405DX is the new netbook that a 160 hard disk, sufficient for the storage of your documents, photographs and some of your videos. If you wish more hard disk, you may opt for the CQ10-525DX model, which has 250 GB of hard disk.

The Compaq CQ10-405DX Netbook is available at the price of just $149 at best buy at the time of writing. The bigger brother CQ10-525DX is available for $199. Consider some facts, in the price that you get an iPad ( $650 and upwards), you can get 4 of the Compaq CQ10-405DX and will be still left with $50 in spare. And this netbook will do everything that an iPad will do – has a faster 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor. Apple lovers are you listening. Yes it does not has the look and beauty and the touch feel of iPad. But remember the beauty is only skin deep.

Compaq CQ10-405DX has a 10.1″ WSVGA LED display with 024 x 600 resolution. Let us look at the individual components of the compaq mini netbook.

Compaq CQ10-405DX Processor and Memory

The Compaq CQ10-405DX is powered by Intel Atom N455 processor which is a 1.66 GHz single core processor. The Intel N455 processor has 512 KB of L2 cache and its front side bus runs at 666 MHz. The Atom N455 is designed for portable netbooks with moderate performance level.

The Compaq CQ10-405DX netbook comes with 1 GB of DDR2 memory. While 1 GB is bit small, when equipped with lightweight Windows 7 Starter operating system and low end computing environment, this is still good for your purpose.

Compaq CQ10-405DX Does NOT has optical drive

The Compaq CQ10-405DX does not come with DVD Drive. You may however, plugin external USB DVD Drive if you need to. By not providing the DVD Drive, Compaq CQ10-405DX makes space of other things in its mini size.

Compaq CQ10-405DX Display and Graphics

Compaq CQ10-405DX has 10.1 inches WSVGA display, which has LED lit backlight. The resolution of the display is 1024 x 600. The graphics is driven by Intel GMA 3150,

Compaq CQ10-405DX Ports and Accessories

While Compaq CQ10-405DX comes with 3 USB Ports, SD and MMC, 2 in 1 card reader, and an Ethernet port. This Compaq netbook also comes with built in webcam in addition to the mic and the speaker, which will let you do the video and audio chat. The compaq CQ10-405DX comes with wireless networking feature.

Compaq CQ10-405DX Weight , thicjness and battery

Compaq CQ10-405DX measures 2.7 lb,which brings it in the category of highly portable netbook.This netbook is very slim and has a thickness of 1.3″. The battery is a 3 cell Lithium Ion Battery.

Compaq CQ10-405DX Operating System

This netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter operating system preinstalled with the netbook.

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  1. Doent Matter says

    December 25, 2010

    It works pretty well , however , mine has been experiencing difficulties with the USB ports.

  2. Kovu says

    May 9, 2011

    actually this netbook comes with windows xp sp3 preinstalled