Cooler Master introduces slick red AM-932 AMD edition of HAF 932 chassis

Posted by Stefan on November 16th, 2009 in Computers | 1 Comment


The Cooler Master available in the market will serve as bliss for the entire computer enthusiast. For many years, Cooler Master has presented many cool versions of its cases. One of the best editions is the NVIDIA the Stacker that they released. This edition was distinguished for its cool green inflection that all the NVIDIA fans may be pleased about. A new framework designed by Cooler Master for the AMD fans, termed as the HAF 932 AMD Edition.

The extraordinary version case come in black with red color to commemorate the communal ATI video cards in red color .The bodywork also consist of a clear side casement with frozen AMD dragon Fusion emblem and red internal illumination.

The container comprises a tool-free drive cove and fluid chilling hubs for passing tubes through the case kit.

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  1. nt300 says

    January 8, 2010

    I am working on a custom HAF 932 Red Dragon Edition case MOD. It’s basically what Cooler Master should have done with there version of the HAD 932 AMD Edition in my opinion.

    I should have it complete within 2 months time. I’ve already started the MOD several weeks ago.

    I’m going to give my custom mod special attention to detail and cleanliness. I’ll be posting pictures and a short review of my Red Dragon MOD. I’ll be posting it on TechPowerUP website.