Core i5-2410M from Intel

Posted by Stefan on September 4th, 2011 in Computers | No Comments

The Intel’s latest Core i5-2410M is a Sandy Bridge based processor clocked at 2.3 GHz. The processor is also reffered to as the second generation core i5 processor to distinguish it from the 1st generation core i5 processors ( for example core i5-480M).

The most notable enhancement in the second generation core i5 processors have been in the area of the integrated graphics and the new turbo 2.0. The integrated graphics no resides on the same die as the processor which should simply the things from the processor manufacturer, improve the yield and reduce the cost. The new Turbo 2.0 should enhance the performance. In overall these improvements should lead to 2x improvement in the integrated graphics performance and 10 to 15% improvement in processor performance ( over the similarly clocked 1st generation core i5 processors).

The Hyperthreading in this dual core processor allows four processes running simultaneously and improves the performance in the multi process scenario. The clock frequency of the Core i5-2410M increases to 2.9 GHz upon demand.

The integrated graphics ( called Intel HD Graphics 3000) runs at 650 MHz and can ramp its frequency to 1.2 GHz based upon demand.

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