Data Robotics introduces 5-bay Drobo S

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If you don`t know the Drobos are data storage devices, that feature multiple hard drive bays and allow you to hot swap drives on the fly and features extensive automated data redundancy backup features.Today, Drobo manufacture Data Robotics unveiled two new Drobo models, both serving different niches.

The DroboElite has 8 hard drive bays, and with only 2 Ethernet connections, which pretty much orients it for the enterprise marketplace. The DroboElite can support unto 16 different hosts using data off of it with 255 different volumes onboard.The price tag for this is $3,500.

The second one is Drobo S wich is the new consumer-based model which allows for more data redundancy options when backing up your files on the Drobo. Like the first Drobo, the Drobo S features a USB and Firewire connection.The smaller Drobo S will retail for $800.

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