Dell Mini 3 and Google’s Nexus One will soon be available in UK

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CES has always been announcing good news for the people enthusiastic about new gadgets but most of the news would be concerned with people living in the US. People from other parts of the world will have to play a wait and watch game until the good news arrive their place.
But this news will certainly hold good for the people living in UK. It has been announced that two smart phones based on Android will soon be released in their country. Dell Mini 3 will be one of the devices to be introduced in UK. However, it has been rumored that this phone has been designed specifically to suit the people in UK and the UK market. At the same time, negotiations are being held between GSM service providers like T-Mobile and Three and Google for the release of Google’s Nexus One in UK.
Initially, Vodafone will be the only operator to offer Google Nexus One in UK but you can also get it from US on an order. But it might be a little expensive as you will have to bear the shipping and imports taxes as well. It may be disappointing for O2 customers as the company is not willing to release the phone for them for the time being.

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