Dell Studio S1555 – Intel T4400 processor review

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The Dell Studio S1555 was spotted at BJ , the super store at a price of $499.99. This is a quick overview of the Dell Studio S1555 laptop and its feature which will enable you to take a decision on whether it is a wise decision to buy S1555 or not.

The Dell Studio S1555 features Intel T4400 processor. Intel T4400 ( also called Pentium Dual Core T4400) is a two core processor with clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. With an L2 cache of 1 MB the T4400 communicates with the North Bridge chipset using Front Side Bus at 800 MHz. You may like to note that T4400 is based upon technology older than the current core i3 and core i5 processor and does not has integrated memory controller. The integrated memory controller reduces the memory latency and improves processor performance. This and other architectural lacuna means that the T4400 performs substantially less than the current core i3 and core i5 processors clocked at same frequency. So it may not be a bad idea to spend another 100 dollars or so and get core i3 or core i5 based laptop. You will stay current with the technology. Before we move on further here are some quick pros and cons of the Dell Studio S1555

Dell Studio S1555 Pros

It is good on battery life. The keyboards are handy and comfortable to type. Useful collection of ports.

Dell Studio S1555 Cons
Somewhat older processor – as compared to current core i3 and core i5 processors. Does not come with Blu ray support. Rubber feets on the bottom – not really a cons as it is for ventilation – but it digs your thigh.

Dell Studio S1555 screen is 15.6 inches and the has 4GB of RAM installed in it. The laptop is able to give decent performance with it.

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