Detailed Information on the Motorola Droid Tablet

Posted by Stefan on December 4th, 2009 in Announcements, Cell Phones | No Comments


Motorola releases the most awaited tablet that was yet to come in the market over a very long time. The Motorola Droid is equipped with a HDMI port which is supposed to be probably the first smart phone that has a port like this. Discussing about the necessity of the HDMI port; the most attractive feature of this is the 8 Megapixel     Camera that enable a recording in 720p. For all the camera freaks, the Droid Tablet will be powered by a Xenon flash.

According to the respective message board the Motorola Droid will be provided with the Cortex A8 processor having a clock speed of 800 Mhz. The innovative Droid Tablet will feature a 3.7” touch screen with a bit more compact in size and style. The new Droid Tablet from Motorola is supposed to be power packed with all new features and specifications as compared to the previous droid models.


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