Difference Between AT&T iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone 4

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The Verizon iPhone 4’s announcement sets the things rolling with a lot of features. Many of its new feature could include the potential ability to turn your verizon iphone4 into a hotspot – much similar to what it comes with the Android phones. The feature has been called wireless tethering in the mobile community – and is known as the “Personal Hotspot”. The personal Hotspot will allow five persons to share the network and will be able to access the internet via the verizon iphone 4 network. The present iOS versions do not have the support for the hostspot, however, the new iOS version 4.3.5 should come with the support for the hotspot.

For example if you have a computer or a laptop in your home you can connect to the iphone hotspot in a way similar to you connect to a wireless network. You will need a password, that will be set in the verizon iPhone4. The verizon iPhone contains a setting in the Menu where you can set the password.

However, the individual carriers will have to approve the Hotspot before it can be used. So far there is no words from AT & T about the feature. The hardware and the iOS 4.3.4 will have the support for the hotspot and it is upto the carriers whether they want to allow their users or not.

Support for the hotspot will be a great feature that is expected to slow down the shift of the iPhone lovers to the Android. Android phones with right applications have the ability to turn your phone into a hotspot.

The hotspot feature in available in the jailvroken iPhone. For example the apps like MyWi has the ability to turn your iPhone into a mobile hotspot. In other words, the users of the jailbroken iPhone enjoyed the facilities that a genuine iPhone used did not have.

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