Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV Review

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The Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV is available for sale on the Black Friday for a cheap price. The Element ELDFT551 has big 55 inch screen , generally suitable for larger drawing rooms. The ELDFT551 has full HD resolution of 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixel. At 120 Hz refresh rate you are going to get a quality that is free from blur and and real life experience. This is a decent HDTV for a price you can afford.

The Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV offers a brightness level of 500cd/m2 and it does come in wide viewing angles. The viewing angle supported is upto 176 degree which means that you can virtually view the TV from any position in a room. The dynamic contrast ratio of Element ELDFT551 is 4000:1.

The Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV boasts a decent response time of 4.5ms. With Element ELDFT551 you will not need a separate TV tuner as it comes with integrated ATSC digital tuner. The ATSC digital tuner in ELDFT551 allows you to receive any of your favorite channel. If the High Definition is supported in the transmission you will be able to see that channel in HD resolution.

The Element ELDFT551 has 3 HDMI and one VGA connector. With the VGA, you can use the Element TV as your display for your Laptop or PC and which lets you play your game in standard as well as HD environment. Element ELDFT551 also has comes with 2 component inputs one S-video input along with 2 AV and a USB. It also has the support for the older composite input.

The sound of Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV has been reported in reviews to be a little feeble. The quality of the sound can be improved with surround speakers.

The Element ELDFT551 does not any ethernet port, so you will not be able to access the videos from the internet. You can not access netflix directly from the ethernet port of this HDTV. The lack of the PIP is another drawback of Element ELDFT551.

Available for $899, the Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV makes a lucrative Black Friday purchase.

Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV Pros

– Reasonably Priced

– HD support, full 1080p resolution

Element ELDFT551 LCD HDTV Cons

– No internet access

– Sound quality could be bettet

– no PIP ( Picture in Picture)

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