Element ELEFT422 HDTV Review

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Element ELEFT422 is the new 42 inches High Definition HDTV that has fill HD resolution 1080p and is available at around $500 at the time of writing. The Element ELEFT422 is based upon LED technology that gives out brighter color by way of its backlight.

Let us take a look at the individual components of the Element ELEFT422 HDTV.

Element ELEFT422 Resolution

Element ELEFT422 HDTV has full HD or 1080p HD resolution which corresponds to 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 1080 stands for the number of the horizontal lines in the resolution. The 1080p gives out comparatively better picture quality than the one with 720p resolution, especially the videos that are originally made with 1080p resolution.

Element ELEFT422 Refresh Rate

The Element ELEFT422 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The refresh rate represents the number of frames that are are displayed per second. The 60 Hz is a common standard value.

Element ELEFT422 Viewing Angle

The Element ELEFT422 has wide viewing angle which will allow you to see the picture from almost anywhere in the room.

Element ELEFT422 In builts TV tuner

The Element ELEFT422 has an inbuilt digital ASTC tuner and the Analog NTSC tuner that can receive broadcast channel or the cable channel in it RF connector. You do need an external TV tuner to watch either the digital or the analog channels.

Element ELEFT422 Brightness and Contrast

The Element ELEFT422 has a contrast rarion of 5000:1 – relatively on the smaller side compared to what most other TVs come today. The brightness figure for Element ELEFT422 has a value of 400 candela per sq meter – this is also less than most other TVs that come in the market today. You will find most HDTVs having 450 candela per sq meter.

Element ELEFT422 Connectors

Element ELEFT422 comes with 3 HDMI ports.

The Element ELEFT422 measures 8.19 inches in thickness. Element ELEFT422 weighs 51.38 pounds has length and height of 40.28 inches x 27.72 inches.

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  1. lennie walters says

    November 30, 2010

    Must I use an HDMI port ??

  2. dave groff says

    December 6, 2010

    claims internet connectivity and this tv DOES NOT HAVE THAT ABILITY !