Emerson LC320EM1F HDTV FAQ

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In the previous section we has mentioned some brief description of the 32 inch Emerson TV that was was offered in the 2010 Black Friday sale in Walmart. Here are some of the FAQs that you may have in your mind.

Question. Can we connect Emerson LC320EM1F LCD TV with Ethernet.
Answer. The Emerson LC320EM1F does not come with any Ethernet or Wifi. It is a basic HDTV with basic functions.

Question. Can we connect Emerson LC320EM1F to laptop ?
Answer. If your computer has an HDMI output, you should be able to connect your laptop to one of the ports of this TV and see the contents of your laptop on the TV. The TV does not come with any VGA port, so it is not possible to connect to your laptop, if your laptop has VGA output.

Question. Can I view photo of my computer on this TV
Answer. If your computer supports HDMI output the answer is yes. But the resolution of the Emerson LC320EM1F, is 720p or 1280×720. The image quality will be decent but not as great as the ones in the 1080p TVs.

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