Facebook to improve online safety of users

Posted by Stefan on December 8th, 2009 in Social Media | No Comments


With Facebook announcing that is has topped the 350 million user list a few days ago, the company is shaking things up to better protect users privacy as well as the way they handle account settings, categories, friends and groups.

Facebook will also be working with a Global Advisory Board so as to better enhance the user safety. The Facebook Safety Advisory Board will be comprised of five leading internet safety organizations coming from both Europe and North America which will help in the improvement of online safety concerning Facebook.

The organizations which make up the group include Common Sense Media, ConnectSafety, WiredSafety, Childnet International and The Family Online Safety Institute.

One of the key changes Facebook will look at is how to protect children online since the social network has gained many minors who have recently left other social networking sites.

Hopefully they can put the minds of concerned parents at ease.


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