Final Fantasy XIII’s UK to launch on March 9, 2010

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While Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day all over, UK had some unusually good news to hear The Final Fantasy XIII was announced to be released in the country on 9 March 2010. This sure has given the UK gaming community a reason to rejoice.

However the game will be having its theme song sung by Leona Lewis for its European version and this has made many of the fans disappointed since they believe Leona would not do justice to the great game. However, the game by itself is already appearing to be the most sought after and most exciting title in its series since the year 2001’s FFX version. Also, the producer of the game is none other than the director of Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X. None other than Yoshinori Kitase this director turned producer had produced FFX and now this game too. Kitase hadn’t produced FFX-2 that was released in 2003 nor did he produce 2006’s FFXII and the result being that they lacked to attract anyone’s attention to a great extent.

The game has a plot that deals in the high-tech world of Cocoon. The game is followed with a thrilling quest of a female protagonist named Lightning. This character is designed to be like the lady Cloud Strife who was a part of FFVII. Also, the gun-blades, if you forgotten that, weapons with half sword and half gun, these will be making a comeback after their absence after FF VIII where Squall had possessed them.

Final Fantasy XIII will be launched for PlayStation 3 too and also Microsoft’s Xbox 360 for the first time. This sure has gotten all avid gamers at the edge of their seats to go grab a copy of the new series of Final Fantasy as soon as it will be released.


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