Fujifilm Fuji AX250 Camera Review

Posted by Stefan on November 27th, 2010 in Digital Cameras | No Comments

The Fujifilm 14MP Digital Camera is on sale at several place including Walmart. At 14 megapixel, Fuji AX250 camera, without any doubt gives you brilliant and clear photographs. Combine this with the a huge 5x optical zoom and you are getting a great point of shoot camera at a reasonable price. Here are some notes about the Fuji AX250.

– Fuji AX250 gives out very good quality image with its 14 megapixel resolution.
– Fuji AX250 gives out 5x optical zoom with its Fujinon 5z zoom lens and has a f/3.6 to f/5.9 aperture.
– The Fuji AX250 has 2.7 inch TFT LCD Display that can be used to preview the pictures before shooting. It can also be used to view the shot pictures.
– With Fuji AX250 you can also record movies, in AVI format. The resolution of the movie that can be recorded is 1280×720 pixels.
– The Fuji AX250 supports 18 different scene modes that are made to quickly shoot according to the scenario.
– The Fuji AX250 takes in SD and SDHC cards for storing the pictures.

You can download the pictures from this camera using the supplied USB cord.

The Fujifilm AXC250 takes in AA batterries ans does not come with a charger. Personally, I feel that a camera should have a charger circuit in built, similar to the cell phones. You should be able to just connect a charger to charge the batteries inside it.

Walmart is offering Fuji AX250 at $99 at the time of writing with a bundle. The bundle includes the camera, 4GB SDHC card, a camera case, and 100 prints bonus offer. This makes this offer very attractive.

Fujifilm Fuji AX250 Pros
– 5x optical zoom
– HD resolution video
– Bundle offer with SD card – $99 value

Fujifilm Fuji AX250 Cons
– It does not come with a charger.

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