Garmin Nuvi 205W – GPS without Text to Speech

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You may need a good GPS system for your vehicle and want to know about a good gadget. You should find the answer here.

There is an enormous advancement in the field of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology in the recent years. Many gadgets have come in the market and can provide you accurate information about the location in real time. The quality of reception of antenna of gadgets has substantially improved.

Garmin Nuvi 205W is a very simple gadget in design and easy to use.

Specifications and Important Features of Garmin Nuvi 205W:

Garmin Nuvi 205W is a simple device provided with a 4.3 inch digital display screen. The screen has 480×272 pixel WQVGA resolution. The size of the gadget is 3.81in x 2.09in x0.8 inT

A slider switch places on its right had side can be used to turn it off or on and for locking up touch screen.

The device has extendable memory. You can expand its memory using a SD card, which can be placed in the slot provided. You can load and view pictures or custom PIO. The unit is also supplied with a small USB connecting cable for connecting it to the power unit. In normal operation, there is no need for connecting to the power unit. You need to connect it when you have to update its software or want to store pictures and data in SD card.The GPS device is also equipped with a speaker, which is located at the rear of Garmin Nuvi 205W.

It is also supplied with a 12V charger for connecting the gadget. There are other accessories for fixing the device on the front glass of the vehicle. But, it is observed that these mountings are quite heavy when you compare them with the devices of the other manufacturers. The USB connecting cable is not normally used. It is needed only at the time of updating the software or loading pictures in SD memory card.

If you purchase Garmin Nuvi 205W in US, you will be provided a preloaded map of the United States. When driving anywhere, if you cross the speed limit specified for that area, you immediately get a warning signal on the screen with this gadget. As such, you are saved from getting a ticket from cops for over speeding.

Garmin Nuvi 205W is also furnished with a very useful feature: “where am I”. It is most beneficial for rescue of anybody who gets stranded at someplace. He can determine his position very easily. Additionally, this gadget starts up promptly and can quickly tell your position.

You get one more benefit with Garmin Nuvi 205W. It is possible to upgrade it for life time for getting FM traffic updates. This is an added feature over 205 version.

It has SD card which is very handy for storing and viewing the data. Garmin Nuvi 205W can be booted very quickly and its satellite locking time is also faster.

The gadget is provided with most accurate maps and costs only $99. The low price makes it very affordable

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