Garmin Nuvi 2350, Nuvi 2350LT and Nuvi 2350LMT GPS review

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Garmin Nuvi’s 2300 series is expected to heat up the GPS market.  The Garmin nuvi 2350,  nuvi 2350LT and nuvi 2350LMT models extend the features in its 2300 models. We are  reviewing about the specifications and essential  features of model Garmin nuvi 2350,  nuvi 2350LT and nuvi 2350LMT. This discussion only deals with their features and specifications  and not based upon the actual use.

The significant features of Garmin Nuvi 2350, 2350LT and 2350LMTare brought forth here:

The Garmin Nuvi 2350, 2350LT and 2350LMT global positioning systems are very handy and valuable gadgets for knowing your accurate location  at anyplace.

Garmin Nuvi 2350, 2350LT and 2350LMT are  furnished with a LCD screen which is 4.3 inch in size. These are provided a touch screen for operating .The touch screen in integrated with main screen. The screen resolution is 480×272 WQVGA. You get maps of  USA and Canada along with these gadgets.

The  Garmin nuvi 2350, nuvi 2350LT and nuvi 2350LMT are delivered with  excellent text to voice messaging feature. This can help you to trace the places with voice directions. It can loudly direct you to move, for example “Take a right turn at Linds Lane”

MyTrends is a distinct and important feature available with Garmin nuvi 2350, nuvi 2350LT and nuvi 2350LMT GPS devices. It can give estimation of the time required to travel to a specific place.

Garmin nuvi 2350, Garmin nuvi 2350LT and Garmin nuvi 2350LMT have other usual features like that for downloading and watching the pictures in  its memory , a calculator, currency convertor, and word clock. A significant feature in these gadget is their ability to recommend the perfect route to be followed to a targeted destination with extreme fuel economy.  You  are able save on fuel and pick the best route.

However, these  models Garmin nuvi 2350, nuvi 2350LT and nuvi 2350LMT are not furnished  with  features like hands free and voice activated  features. If you need these features in your GPS device, you have to search for the Garmin Nuvi 2360LT, Nuvi 2360LMT or Nuvi 2370LT model. These models are provided with Bluetooth for hand free operation. Garmin Nuvi 2360LMT and Garmin Nuvi 2370LT possess the  voice activation feature.

The Nuvi 2350LT  and 2350LMT models possess Traffic Trends feature, which is not provided  on Nuvi 2300, Nuvi  2300LM and Nuvi 2350 models.

The suffix LT, LM and LMT are used to specify Lifetime Traffic, Lifetime maps and Lifetime Maps and Traffic respectively.

Lifetime Map Updates are provided only four times during a  calendar year. Lifetime traffic provide you traffic trends on traffic receiver, which works with a Garmin GPS supported by it. You may not get  traffic alerts in many areas.

It is possible to carry all Garmin’s 2350, 2350LT and 2350LMT models as a pedestrian traveler or install them on  your vehicle. You can find your actual location anywhere using its “where am I ” feature.

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