Gateway NV53A52u Notebook Deal

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Based upon the user feedback, fresh gizmos has started a new category – deals. In deals we will be bringing out the latest deals available at bargain price, that you can avail of.

The deals are usually for a defined period of time. So, these topics will be time critical. However, we will also be writing a short description and a brief review of the product available at the deal, so that you can make an idea if the deal is worth taking.

Gateway NV53A52u in the first item that we present to you in deal items. The Gateway NV53A52u is available for $399.99 at best buy. But do not forget to add $14.99 in the shipping and handling. You may be able to save on the shipping by in store pick up – provided the nearest best buy is not too far from your home.

Gateway NV53A52u is powered by the AMD Turion ii Dual core P540 processor, which makes is a decent speed notebook. This NV53A52u is one of the few notebooks that we found to be powered by something as good as Turion ii P540.

Other Key Features of Gateway NV53A52u

– 15.6 Inch LCD screen with 1366 x 768 resolution powered by ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics.
– 500 GB Hard Disk
– HDMI output
– Wired and wireless internet connectivity
– Weights 5.7 lb
– 6 Cell Battery – that gives close to 3 hours of battery life.
– Built-in 1.3MP webcam with digital microphone

The notable part about the Gateway NV53A52u is that it has HDMI output that you can use to display the notebook content on an LCD. Very few notebooks under $400 come with HDMI output. The notebook does come with the inbuilt webcam that you can use to create simple videos or use it just for chat.

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