GeoHot is at his Best Again, Jailbreaks the Apple iPad!

Posted by Stefan on April 12th, 2010 in Software | No Comments

GeoHot just loves making a mockery of all top-notch gadgetry and his priority targets are the iPhone and ‘now’ the iPad. If you had any hopes that GeoHot is going to spare the latest sensational tablet from Cupertino, you better not bank on them as George has already managed to jailbreak the iPad. His ‘untethered jailbreak’ for the iPad was long being expected and mil finally outed the jailbreak over the weekend.

Hence, the blackra1n jailbreak as predicted with the Cydia app installation has been achieved on the iPad but there are not details available about the jailbreak download. Given the pace at which George functions, it will not be long that the iPad users will be able invade their tablets with blackra1n. [Courtesy: GeoHot]

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