Gizmo5 VoIP startup aquired by Google

Posted by Stefan on November 10th, 2009 in Announcements | No Comments


If we are to believe TechCrunch report the VoIP startup Gizmo5 is being planned to be acquired by Google. Neither google nor Gizmo5 has announce the deal.  It is learned from some other sources that the deail is being  finalized for a sum of $30 million in cash. Recently, it was heard that Skype was about to acquire the Gizmo 5. However, the deal never materialized.

IThe move seems to make Google Voice a strong force to contend with in the for true VoIP capabilities.  The deal with Gizmo 5 is expected to enable Google Voice to route incoming or outgoing calls to landlines and cellphone, a capability google lacks. Gizmo 5 has the capability to do this.This capability will make the Google Voice and Google Talk a good competitor against companies like Skype. The formal announcement for the deal is expected to be announced soon

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