Google Nexus One will be soon available in Europe

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Google has entered into the market of mobile phones in a style. It has announced its own mobile phone named as Nexus One a few months back. Complete features and full specifications are known regarding the mobile and it will be initially made available in US as a subsidy on T-Mobile and UK, Singapore and Hong Kong will get to offer the mobile serving as test countries.

According to rumors, it has been heard that Vodafone will be serving as the operator to carry the Nexus one in UK within a few weeks and soon after it will be serving as the carrier for the phone in France, Germany and other countries in Europe.  Though, according to Vodafone spokesperson, Vodafone has been confirmed as the first operator to partner with Google and sell the Nexus One, no fixed rates and timings have been announced.

“I can confirm that Vodafone is the first operator to partner with Google to offer the Nexus One in Europe, starting soon in the UK, in a few short weeks. No detail on pricing and precise timing has yet been made, but that will come in a few weeks.” Vodafone spokesperson.

It is also doubtful whether an unlocked version of the phone will be released in UK as it is in US.  People will just have to wait and watch for further news on this.

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