Google Offers Cheaper Storage with Server Cloud of 16TB for $4096 per Year and Less

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In its official blog post, Google on 11th November announced a golden storage space offer with ‘Twice the storage space for quarter of the price.’ Technological advancement in digital photography along with development of user friendly software like Picasa 3.5 has made it immensely easier to take a lot of pictures which can then be moved to the cloud directly from your camera. This requires a lot of storage space and in synchronization, peoples are also developing more and more habit of storing their personal data online ‘in the cloud’ of the servers instead of keeping on desktops to make it accessible to family and friends for sharing information and joys of life. Further such storage in the cloud makes it possible to retrieve our files and photos any time from online storage relieving us from the burden of carrying along portable storage solutions.

Therefore to facilitate increased online storage, Google offers 20GB cloud for mere $5 per annum, which is just a quarter of the price that Google charged for half that storage space till now. Further in view of the fact that Gmail provides 7GB free storage while free space offered by Picasa is just about 1GB, offer to purchase 20GB space has been made pretty attractive.

In case you have a computer gene in you, you may require much space than mere 20GB. Google offers 16TB space for you at an annual rental of $4096. Surprised! Well that space can accommodate 8 million high resolution full color photos and you may not be that crazy to invest that much unless you really require that space. So Google is also offering lots of choices between the 20GB as the bottom and 16TB on the highest end and you may choose your requirement in consonance with your budget.

And mind it, Google paid space provides you with an extra level of online security and accessibility that cannot be matched by any other external drive at comparable cost per GB. The only restriction is that Google is allowing you the extra storage rented for use with Google and Picasa only and not for other services presently. May be you have to wait until such facility is provided by Google, for other services, if at all in future!

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