Griffin iPad Accessories

Posted by Stefan on January 30th, 2010 in Announcements | No Comments


Griffin is ready to unveil a line of accessories for the iPad : Elan Passport FLEXgrip, Elan Sleeve, Jumper, and Screen Care Kit

Elan and Elan Sleeve Passport are two professional-looking leather holsters, one with a flip opening in which is also a pocket for insertion of several sheets or documents, the other in the simplest version, the sporty FLEXgrip however, available in bright colors, will be made entirely of silicone.

Instead we have an all-neoprene lining for the custody Jumper, and Screen Care Kit, as can easily guess from the name, the set is perfect for anyone who wants to always take care of the screen of your iPad, gently remove dust, fingerprints and anything else .

The Elan Passport, FlexGrip case, and Screen Care Kit are priced at $50, $30, and $25, respectively. All of these products will be available in Spring 2010.


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