How to install new Cydia for iOS 4.2

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New Cydia is the version 1.0.3366-1. In fact, Cydia is into existence for a long period. This new Cydia is a latest version to support the latest Apple’s iOS 4.2 API. Also, remember that the existing Cydia cannot update itself automatically. It has to be done manually. The new Cydia is made in a way it can support the updated API in the latest iOS 4.2.

It is heard that the new Cydia not alone supports the API in iOS 4.2, but also offers improved features such as being low burden over processor and makes the device faster too. Altogether, an improved interface and features can be witnessed through the new Cydia installation.

The new Cydia installation can be carried out in two methods. One is The Easy Way and other is The Bit-Harder Way. We are mentioned below both procedures in detail.

The Easy Way:

Navigate the iPhone Safari browser to download the new Cydia package. Here, open the Cydia and download the iFile app from Cydia. It can be done through “search” tab that is at the below bar, and search for “iFile” at the mentioned search tab. Locate the mentioned file and download it successfully.

After the successful download of the Cydia package, then navigate towards the var/mobile/Media/Downloads with the help of iFile app.

Here, tap over the cydia_1.0.3366-..phoneos-arm.deb file which was downloaded at the first step through Safari browser. Now, click over the “installer” and file will initiate the installation process successfully. The installation process is quick and takes few minutes.

After the completion of installation process, close the iFile. Now, reboot the iPhone and this reboot will have the new Cydia successfully over the device that is running on iOS 4.2.

The Bit-Harder Way:

In this method FTP file explorer is needed. Genearally, Windows users use WinSCP and Mac users use Cyberduck for this purpose. At the same time, few other FTP programs will also work fine with the purpose.

Cyberduck login Details:

• Server: The IP address of your iPad. Settings>
• Username: root.
• Password: alpine.
• Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

WinSCP Login Details:

• Hostname: The IP address of your iPad. Settings>WiFi>
• Username: root.
• Password: alpine.
• Protocol: SCP

Once after successful entry into the FTP program, download the Cydia.deb file.

Now, locate the folder /private/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall.

Now, drop down the downloaded Cydia.deb file into this AutoInstaller folder. Now, re-spring your iPhone and wait until its successful completion. This re-spring completion is the indication of the successful installation of the new Cydia over your device that is running on iOS 4.2.

CHECK: The successful installation of new Cydia can be verified through scrolling the bottom of the app’s homepage and look for the Cydia version number. If this version number is “1.0.3366-1”, then identify that the installation was successful.

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