How To Root Nook Color – Android

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Disclaimer : This rooting for the Nook Color ( Android) is only for the experts. There may be errors or omissions in the process and you may get your Nook Color unoperable after you follow this procedure. Freshgizmos is, in no way responsible for damage to your phone. The rooting will viod your Nook color warranty and .

We have seen the this Android based ebook reader – called Nook color has been rooted. XDA community works extensively on the rooting and has successively rooted it. The term root or rooting derive its origin from Linux, where root means the administrative privilege.

The Nook color is the ebook reader from Barnes and Noble, competing with other ebook readers in the market. It is priced competitively at $250.

Once you have rooted the Nook Color, you will be able to install apps on the device using ADB, which is the android loader using android SDK. After successfully rooting it you will be able to SSH into a ramdisk of the device.

So here is how to get the root access to the Nook Color.


1. A Nook Color ebook reader
2. A Notebook or a Computer with internet connection
3. 64 MB+ micro Secure Digutal card

That is all you need and you are ready to go.

Here are the steps.

1. You will need to download Pokey9000 nooter versionb 0.2 . Unzip its content and to a directory on your comuter.

2. Unzip the file

3. Store the image file in your microSD card. For Windows users here is how you can write an image file in a MicroSD card If you are Linux user, you can follow the procedure here

4. Remove the microSD card from your PC and insert it into your Nook Color. Turn off the Nook and turn it on again. Connect the Nook Color using the USB Cable with your PC. Now Turn the Nook ON.

5. The NOOKcolor will now boot from the microSD. Notice that the screen of the Nook color will be off. This is normal. Don not worry about it.

6. Your computer will detect a new USB device. Ignore Windows warning of complaining a missing device.

7. After the device shows up wait for 40 seconds – the script makes the changes to enable ADB.

8. Disconnect the USB cable from Root and Remove the microSD card – if you do not do that the Nook color will boot from the microSD again)

9. Keep the power button for pressed 15 or more seconds.
10. This time the NOOKcolor will have normal boot.

11. Now connect the USB cable – you will now unlock the NOOKcolor.

12. The NOOKcolor firmware stands modified and ADB connections are enabled. You should pdate the ADB INI file in order for ADB can detect it

13. You can install application using the ADB program in the SDK.

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