How to root Samsung epic 4G

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Samsung Epic 4G is the Sprint’s version for Galaxy S. The root for the Samsung Epic 4G is currently available with SDX-Developers. There are two methods available to root the Samsung Epic 4G. One method is called ADB method and another is single click root procedure. The ADB method will be little troubling for novice players.

Step-By-Step Procedure in ADB method root for Samsung Epic 4G:

Launch the ADB and run the following commands,

Adb push c:\downloads\rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin/data/local/tmp
Adb shell

Chmod 755/data/local/tmp/rageagainstcage-arm5.bin



Now come out of the adb shell and type adb shell again. This will drop you to #instead of $.

If it goes back to $, run the exploit once again.



Once after the completion of this process, then tries to re-launch adb and check whether a “#” sign is there are not.

The entire procedure is clearly mentioning a need for the proper command over the command line rooting beforehand. Now, you’ve successfully rooted your Samsung Epic 4G through ADB method.

Let us see the single click root procedure for Samsung Epic 4G.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

• Download the Epic 4G root Zip file. This should include Samsung Galaxy S driver for PC too.
• Now, go to Menu>Applications>Development and enable USB debugging mode.
• Now, run “run.bat” file from the downloaded Zip file through extracting.
• The process will take a little while and after that yours Samsung Epic 4G will be rooted successfully.
• This single click root has busybox and remounty script inculcated as well as fixes no show spring animation.

Now, you’ve witnessed two methods to root your Samsung Epic 4G. Choose one method that is comfortable for you.

YuoTube video on Samsung Epic 4G Root procedure below:

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