How to run ubuntu on HTC HD2

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It would be a great experience to have full Linux along with Android on your smartphone. We tried the same on the HTC HD2 and succeeded well in booting HTC HD2 into Linux kernel. Now, through the guidance and help from XDA forums, you can run Ubuntu successfully on HTC HD2.

Here, it is important to remember that this Ubuntu in not a touch support OS. After this, you can use your smartphone as a netbook successfully through connecting keyboard and mouse via USB.

Important Points before the Ubuntu Installation:

• This HTC HD 2 should be perfectly in good working condition.
• A flash storage card essential for the procedure and it would be good if this card is a fast card such as Class 4.
• Make it sure that this flash card has minimum of 2 GB free storage in it.
• Remember that you need a PC to carry out this process.

Download the full and latest version of Ubuntu for your HTC HD2 and save the same on the PC’s hard disk.

Complete Installation Procedure:

• Connect the SD Card with the PC through any type of card reader.
• Unzip the Ubuntu build that was already downloaded and saved over the PC’s hard disk.
• Copy the entire contents over the SD Card main directory.
• There is a “readme.txt” file with additional instructions and go through the instructions.
• Now, place the SD Card into the HTC HD2.
• Switch on the HD2 and browse the SD Card for the contents. Locate the Ubuntu Folder successfully.
• Locate the file named as “HaRET” from the Ubuntu folder. This file is an .exe file and click on it to initiate the installation of Ubuntu over your HTC HD2.
• Through the above step, installation of the Ubuntu over the HTC HD2 will be successful.
• Now, you can connect your mouse and keyboard via USB to use your HD2 as netbook.

Roll Back:

If you find it difficult or not happy with installed Ubuntu, then there is a way for you to roll back. Just go with Soft reset and this will keep your phone back into WM 6.5. This is simple; there is a tiny little red button under the battery cover. Press and hold this button for a little while. You can use a needle to press this button if the fingers turn out to be big for it.

YouTube video embeds code:

The features of the Ubuntu port for the HTC HD2 are listed below and these details are from XDA-Forums:

*Updated Linux kernel based on htc-msm-2.6.32 revision ‘3af9a39113d40887f42688108ff0dbdeefd8e4cc’ (see first post)
*Improved touch screen and keypad driver allow for decent navigation with the bare device
*WiFi driver
*3g driver
*Vibration driver
*Many [[Msm_Usb_Host|USB host]] drivers added (usb mass storage, audio, networking)
*Battery, panel and bluetooth drivers not installed yet due to lack of available source code. (Only zImages available)
*Exact kernel source code with patches used included in archive.

Rootfilesystem based on the Karmic Koala from 0.1 release with
*Enlarged rootfilesystem size (2,6GB)
*Many tweaks for touchscreen use: on screen keyboard, enlarged GUI components, ..
*One touch super easy operation of 3G and WiFi connections, screen rotation and other things
*New packages installed, e.g. firefox and fennec browser with kinetic scrolling, pidgininstant messaging, ..
*Easy installation of extra languages etc
*GUI for the media player (gnome-mplayer) to allow basic control of the video playback

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