How to Send Coded Messages at Work Through Case Modding

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Because a PC case says a lot about its owner

In business, it used to be that you could tell the measure of a person by the cut of their clothes, their watch or the way they walked. Now, in the digital age, where IT jobs strip out a lot of the face-to-face contact of business, these handy tells are a less viable means of getting to know your business partners or competitors.

However, nature abhors a vacuum, and the march of technology has provided another way to separate the big fish from the small fry in the IT world. Case modding – that is, modifying your PC case with in a unique style – can give out a number of different subliminal messages that conventions of clothes and other personal effects cannot.
Lots of workplaces are becoming more relaxed about employees using their own PCs and having their case-modded creations brightening up the office. Even if you aren’t too much of a PC buff, there’s no reason you can’t indulge your creative side and give your computer a little spark.

Shiny UV Goodness

Nothing says futuristic like ultra-violet lighting. Sci-fi costumes, dance clubs and of course, PCs all make the best use of UV to immediately make themselves look approximately 20 years more futuristic, regardless of their actual cutting-edge characteristics. Guaranteed to make you look like you’re a PC pro.

The Higher Arts

An alternative is using a subtler style to convey a deeper and more thoughtful owner. Touching your artsy side is a great way to get noticed for the right reasons, especially if your job requires creativity.

Flowing patterns, pleasing symmetry or sheer Dali-esque creative madness will all do the job equally well.

The Architect

For those of us who played with Lego as children, there is something unforgettable about that glorious freedom to shape and craft the simplest of building blocks into towering creations. Replicate that feeling when building your PC casing and send a message that you’re every bit as imaginative and creative as you were we you were a child. Try to be a little less slapdash though!

The Socialite

This is a simple yet effective way to make your PC stand out. Much like signing casts for broken limbs, it’s all about the numbers. The more people you can get to add ornament to your PC, the greater the symbol of your social pulling power it becomes.

Alternate Routes

Turning your PC into an object that looks like it would be right at home in a laser tag hall certainly shows that you can think outside of the box, so to speak. Either that or it suggests that you consume a dangerous amount of hallucinogens on a regular basis!

What You See is What You Get

What better way to imply your trustworthiness and transparency than with a see-through PC case? Give a subtle nod to honesty by letting your PC suggest that you’ve got nothing to hide.

Animal Familiar

Not really case modding but still pretty cool. It’s rare that taxidermy and IT come together but when they do the result is always special. Sticking a big stuffed animal on top of or next to your PC says that you’re in touch with nature and are able to blend the old with the new.

Flames and Skulls

If you want to stick out as the office hothead, rebel or prankster, then a combination of flames, skulls or semi-naked women toting large guns will probably do the trick. Colleagues are far less likely to eat your sandwich out of the communal fridge if they’ve seen your fiery/skully/shooty woman-infused PC. Either that or they’ll think you’re trying too hard to cover your timidity.

They Call Me The Wanderer

It certainly beats throwing your passport away. Better to use those customs stamps along with any interesting foreign stamps, notes or stickers you may have picked up in your travels to decorate your PC. This signals that you have an adventurous side to your spirit, looking to explore unknown regions, either in the real world or cyberspace.

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