How to uninstall iPhone Application

Posted by Stefan on December 9th, 2010 in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Over the time the number of the iphone applications installed on your iphone starts growing. Many times, these applications are free applications that turns out to be not so useful.

This is caused partly by our greed to accumulate more free applications over the period. It is also resulted because we do not know beforehead, if this application will be useful for us.

So you may like to uninstall some of the unused applications to be able to make it look less congested. This article should help you in this direction. Just follow these simple steps and you should be ready to go. This guide is applicable to the jailbroken iPhone as well as the normal phone with AT&T subscription.

1. Make sure that your iPhone is turned on. Navigate to the page where you can see the applications. Make sure that it contains the application that you want to delete.

2. Place your finger constantly for a long time on one of the applications till the applications start dancing and vibrating. It will tilt left and right and will have a x mark on the left side of it.

Here is how it will look like.

3. Click on the x mark on the left side of the application that you want to uninstall. It will pop up a menu saying something like “Deleting Sudoku will also delete all of its data”. Press Delete at this instant and it will prompt for something like – “Please rate Sudoku before delete”. At this instant you may or may not like to rate it. Press “No Thanks” – if you do not want to rate it. At this instant the application stands uninstalled from iPhone.

4. Press the bottom most home button on your iPhone and the tilting icons stop. At the same time the cross signs go away. You can start using the iPhone in normal fasion.

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  1. Aria Giovanni says

    December 10, 2010

    This has been very useful. I had at least 40 Apps and I did not used more than 2 of these. Thanks for point this out. My iPhone looks much cleaner.