HP 2031 LCD Monitor – review

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HP 2031 is a 20 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor and is on sale on Staples. This monitor is intended to be hooked up to your desktop using your VGA connection. The HP 2031 is available at the Balck Friday Sale on November 26, 2010 at a discount price of $99.98. This is one of the items that you can expect to get even if it is an early bird special.

Here are some notes on the features of the HP 2031 LCD Monitor.

– HP 2031 is a 20″ Widescreen Display that has Active Matrix TFT LCD.
– The HP 2031 has a resolution of 1600 x 900 – giving you clear images. However, there are monitors that come with even higher resolution.
– The HP 2031 has a Contrast ratio 1000:1 – which helps in displaying images that have clear boundary.
– HP 2031 has Brightness level specified at 250 cd/m2
– The response time of 5ms in HP 2031 helps in display of even fast moving videos with trailing ghost. Just in case you need to watch fast moving videos.
– Two types of the connectors are supported on HP 2031 – The inputs D-Sub VGA type and the DVI-D type connector.
– The HP 2031 had a dimension of 14.59″ x 18.82″ x 7.09″ (8.99lbs)
– The HP 2031 comes with 1 year warranty

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