HP G56 Notebook review

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The HP G56 notebook is a decent notebook available at BJ on the November week end sales. The price and features of the HP G56 makes it an attractive buy. The following cut out should make you aware of the most common features of the HP G56 notebook. Let us take a look at some more details.

HP G56 Processor

The HP G56 is powered by AMD Athlon ii P340 processor. The Athlon ii P340 is a dual core processor with a nominal clock frequency of 2.2 GHz. The performance of the Athlon ii P340 has been reported to be very good for most of your works. Unless you are high end gamer or a true techie who needs to compile a lot of code, this processor should be good for most of your computing needs.

HP G56 Display
The HP G56 notebook offered at BJ has 15.6 inch LED display that gives out bright and colorful display.

HP G56 RAM and hard Disk

The HP G56 boats 3 GB of RAM which should be decent for most of your computing needs. The hard disk is 250 GB SATA drive which should be able to store most of your files that you need for your daily work in addition to some large size videos.

The HP G56 comes with Windows 7 operating system. The HP G56 is prices at $399.99 at BJ’s at for the three days sale.

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