HP G62-363NR Review – Pentium P6100 notebook

Posted by Stefan on February 7th, 2011 in Laptops | No Comments

HP G62-363NR is an inexpensive ( $399.99 at the time of writing) notebook available at Fry’s SuperStore. It is powered by Intel Pentium P6100 – a dual core processor clocked at 2.00 GHz. This makes this notebook, one of the few decent entry level notebooks under $400. Fry’s has limited its purchase to only one notebook per family, sending a signal that this notebook is more for popularizing Fry’s than making any real money from the notebook itself.

Even at this expensive price, HP G62-363NR comes with 4 GB of RAM. It includes 320 GB of Hard Disk. However, the thing that impresses the most is the included HDMI output, which can be used to display the content of this notebook on an LCD HDTV. With included webcam, you could possibly not be asking for anything more in $400.

The display is at 15.6 inches driven by the Intel HD graphics. The display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 ( citation needed). The HP G62-363NR comes with every other feature that you will expect in an entry level notebook, including wired and wireless networking, a DVD writer that will also created labels on the DVDs using Lightscribe. It also comes with 2 USBs and a VGA output.

The only drawback in this notebook is slightly low end for gaming as far as graphics is concerned. But then we are asking too much for $400. HP has tried to keep the cost low by using the Pentium P6100 integrated graphics.


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