HP G62-364DX laptop Review

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Often at times, Best Buy brings its customers the best offers around; this time round they have budgeted for laptops for their customers. Therefore, for all of you who are looking for laptops this season, the HP G62-364DX is one product you should be keen on. This piece will only cost you $380 as of now. The beauty of the HP G62-364DX is in its specifications both in and out. From the processor speed, the hard drive specifications, the graphics and much more, you will find this computer quite worth it in comparing the price to the quality.

Let’s take a look at the HP G62-364DX specifications.

HP G62-364DX Processor

The HP G62-364DX features an AMD Turion II dual core P540 processor and this operates at a speed of 2.4GHz. It also features a 2MB L2 cache that is shared 1 MB to each of the core. The computer’s processor is connected using the memory through a dial channel that is used to control the memory resulting in the enhancement of the computer’s performance especially with the processor.

HP G62-364DX RAM

This computer comes with a 3GB DDR3 RAM. However, you are able to increase it up to 8GB of temporary memory. If you are willing to increase the memory, note that it can support only DDR3 type of memory.

HP G62-364DX Screen display
The HP G62-364DX offers a 15.6” screen which is a HD LED display type of screen and comes with a resolution of 1366 by 768p, therefore, being a wide screen.

HP G62-364DX Hard Drive storage

If you are intending to have one of these for home purposes, the HP G62-364DX has 320GB of permanent storage that can be used to store a lot of information by everyone in the family.

HP G62-364DX Graphics

On the side of the graphics, the computer comes with ATI mobility radeon HD graphics. This type is able to decode any HD content. Although it has onboard graphics, these use up to 1405 MB of the computer’s memory capacity. This means that it only uses the memory when it is required to. Similarly, it is not able to hold the memory unnecessarily.

The HP G62-364DX incorporates Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition, but is can hold any other OS from Windows of a lower version, or any other type.

HP G62-364DX Networking

This computer comes with two types of LAN supports connectivity.
1. The LAN (10/100 gigabit Ethernet)
2. WLAN support (802.11 b/g/n)

Other features
1. 3 USB 2.0 ports
2. DVD + RW/CD-RW drive
3. An in-built webcam
4. It also has a 6 cell lithium ion battery that will provide you 4 hours of battery life.
5. At only $379 you will get a fast dual-core processor

The only disappointment with the HP G62-364DX is that it doesn’t have a HDMI output for an external monitor. However, it is a pretty decent piece of machine to have.

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