HP introduces new business Desktops, Compaq 6000 Pro and 6005 Pro

Posted by Stefan on September 15th, 2009 in Computers, High Definition, Laptops | No Comments

Compaq 6000 pro and Compaq 6005 pro is the new desktop computer of HP for business purposes. The new series of desktops includes various special features. Some of the unique specifications of Compaq 6000 Pro are core 2 quads, dual core Pentium and Celerons and Core 2 Duos. But in Compaq 6005 Pro can be compatible with Athlon II, AMD’s Sempron and Dual core, triple core or quad core Phenon II. This series is built in with two independent audio streams that enable VoIP and PC speakers simultaneously.

The memory space in hard drive is 160-500GB 7200 RPM and 80-160GB 10,000 RPM. Compatible with Windows OS from XP Pro to Windows 7 Professional 64, and also with Novel Suse Linux Enterprise. Both the desktop are provided with four DIMM slots so which enables 16GB of RAM memory. Compaq 6000 Pro is priced at $605 and Compaq 6005 Pro at $ 563.

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