HP Launches new budget LCDs, two desktops

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This week, HP again gained the spotlight in the business world with its newly launched two high quality LCDs and desktops to pair it up. HP made two variations of same LCDs but with different sizes, one is LE1711 – 17” LCD and another one is LE1911 – 19” LCD. Both the LCDs go around with eco-friendly displays still using habitual backlights but the difference is that it uses 50% less mercury and other chunk toxic elements like arsenic, PVC and BFRs. Likely they are meeting all the standards to gain the badge of the latest Energy Star.

Specifications for LE1911 and LE1711
Resolution – 1280×1024
Response time – 5ms pixel
Contrast ratios – 1,000:1
Brightness – 250cd/m2
Input – VGA only

HP maintained their quality with their brand name and with such frugal specifications the price is tagged at $125 for LE1711 and 164$ for LE1911, which is definitely making them budget LCDs.


HP rolls on two new updated business PC powered by Windows 7 for workplaces running on windows platform. PRO3000 is the HP’s all new Intel based desktop and PRO3005 is the HP’s AMD based desktop, cased in a new glossy black case to give it the most attracting and elegant look. HP has armed these two PCs with the most powerful hardware’s available.
Technical Specifications

Processor – Athlon II X2 processors or Pentium dual-core
HDD – 160GB HDD / 500GB (Extended)
DVD drives – read-only DVD drives but can be scaled up to Blu-ray burners

Both these extremely powerful HP desktops are tagged and starts at PRO3000 – $469 and PRO3005 – $449 and are not expected to ship before December 15th.

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