HP Mini 110 3135dx Review

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The newest netbook that hailed from the famous company – HP is “HP Mini 110-3135dx. This netbook is built with the use of Intel Atom N455 processor. It has a frequency of about 1.66 giga hertz. The memory has a level 2 cache and worth 512 kb. The processor Intel Atom N455 is classified as single core processor.

As for RAM memory it is using DDR2 type of RAM that has a size capacity of 1 gig. The memory can extended up to another 1 gig. As for HP Mini’s graphics processing will it has an onboard graphics processor which is placed separately, which came from Intel and the name is Intel Graphics media accelerator 3150.

The graphics is perfect as you can basically do all types of work. Video memory of HP Mini can be extended right up to 256 mega bytes.

As for the hard disk, the capacity is about 250 gig (SATA), The speed of the hard disk is about 5,400 rotations/minute. Inclusive with the package is windows 7 starter OS (genuine).

HP Mini display is about 10.1 inches only and the screen is built with the use of LED technology plus an anti glare coating which will help the user to experience glare while using the netbook. The display has a resolution of about 1024 x 600 and it’s widescreen too.

HP Mini uses wireless connectivity which is built on IEEE 802.11 standard and it currently supports the following versions such as b, n and g.

Aside from the cool screen and resolution, HP Mini contains an integrated webcam plus microphone which enables the user to do voice chat and can engage in video conference, too.

As for USB 2.0 ports, HP Mini has 3 ports. But as for USB 3.0 ports, these are not available on the netbook. However, there is an output for 1 headphone jack. To add up to HP Mini’s cool features is the integrated speakers plus it weighs roughly about 3 pounds only. It’s indeed lightweight!

Power consumption of HP Mini is about 30 watts with the use of an AC adapter which is included in the package. The battery is 6-lithium ion that can store right up to 55-watt/hour.

HP Mini comes in different colors but the classic black is definitely a hot seller. The looks, the portability and convenience that HP Mini has bring to it’s user is a definite overstatement that it is truly a great netbook to own.

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