HP Pavilion P6744Y Desktop Review

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HP Pavilion P6744Y   is the newly launched desktop that comes with Intel Pentium E5800 processor. It has 4 GB of DDr3 memory and a 1 TB of Hard Disk. According to HP, you have a choice of a number of processors, that you can buy at the time of purchase. Bestbuy lists this desktop as coming with Pentium E5800 ( incidentally this desktop seems to have been temporarily or maybe permanently removed from the best buy website).

The best feature that we see in the HP Pavilion P6744Y  is the built in wireless networking capability. Although Desktops are usually fine with the wired networking and you need to just hook an Ethernet connector to get the internet working, it is always nice to have the wireless capability. Many times it is not possible to extend the LAN wires to remote locations and a wireless networking feature in a desktop comes handy.

HP Pavilion P6744Y  comes with Home 7 premium edition preloaded. Pretty much all the desktops come with this operating system. A 20 inch widescreen LCD monitor is included as a part of the HP Pavilion P6744Y  package.

A note on the Intel Pentium E5800 processor

The Pentium E5800, the processor that powers the HP Pavilion P6744Y   is a dual core processor clocked at 3.2 GHz. The processor is based upon older architecture and does not has the integrated memory controller and in the newer core i3 processor. It instead communicates with a Front Side Bus at 800 MHz, and the front side Bus, in turn, communicates with the memory. This somewhat slows down the processor to memory communication speed. The front side bus works at 800 MHz.

The HP Pavilion P6744Y with E5800 should be decent enough for your home and office working environment. It comes with Keyboard and the mouse as part of the package.  It has an optical drive to read and write DVDs. The graphics is powered by Intel GMA x4500.  The Pavilion P6744Y comes with six USB ports ( 2 on front and 4 on the rear).

If your processing needs are extreme, you may however like to take a look at some of the Intel core ix based desktops. The launch of the most recent Sandy Bridge based desktop processors has made a number of moderate cost desktops available.

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  1. ron says

    May 23, 2011

    good machine for the money, removed hard drive and hp program,
    works great—–oem equitment,,, notso hot