The New HP Pavilion Slimline s5660f

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The popularity of Gateway’s slim tower PC line $500 – $600 SX line is undeniable, but HP’s new fixed-configuration, which is a Slimline $750 s5660f Pavilion makes a strong promise as a high-end friendly desktop for the living room. Filled with many digital media features, it was clearly designed for home entertainment in consideration. It’ promises high performance thanks to its CPU that features quad-core AMD. Priced at $750, the said system may be a lit pricey than other dedicated PC’s, that has the ability to provide Web video-streaming. But with its television tuner, Blu-ray drive, dedicated 3D card, and very fast performance, the pavilion is impressively easy to recommend for those trying of having the freedom of powerful PC-based media as a home entertainment setup.

The new HP Slimline body was been used by HP for quite some time already, but this model is the first that makes use of its chassis’ size including an available HDMI port. Even though it may be larger than Dell’s HD Inspiron Zino or Apple’s Mac Mini, the pavilion measures 4.75 inches wide, 12-inch high and 16-inch deep, the Slimline is not that bigger than the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, It is also only an inch higher than the SX2850-33 Gateway.

Gateway’s SX2800 series could be the most appropriate comparison that could match with the new Pavilion Slimline. But unlike the Slimline, Gateway’s configuration doesn’t go more than $649. That then means that the SX2800 don’t offer Blu-ray or a very discrete graphics card compared to the Slimline. The HP Slimline also boasts a bigger hard drive, more amount of RAM, and even a built in TV tuner card that enables live TV. Even with its high price tag, the new HP Pavilion provides more complete and satisfying living-room experience.

HP Pavilion Slimline s5660f Conclusion

One can argue that Apple and Dell systems are better fitted for the living room because of their size, but for that smaller size it may cost more. A smaller case also doesn’t allow full-size desktop capable processors and especially discrete graphics cards with full-power like slim tower’s offer. In deciding which one is the better choice basically depends on ones priorities, if one favors more on looks, one might choose the smaller systems. Focusing on value of money, the size of bigger slim tower PCs could be more worth it, given all the many features and the high performance over the smaller models of desktops.

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