HP Teases with Yet Another Slate Video

Posted by Stefan on April 6th, 2010 in Tablets | No Comments

With all the hype surrounding the Apple iPad, HP has to make sure that people do not loose focus and forget the upcoming Slate Tablet. To ensure that people are curious about the arrival of the HP Slate, HP outed another 30 seconds teaser video which highlighted the cam and video conferencing skills. There was again no reference to the pricing or the availability of the Slate and I believe HP will leave that to another teaser clip in the future.

The most noticeable part is the touch UI which looks similar to the TouchSmart software and it very smartly conceals the Windows 7 existence. The problem is that the 30 seconds video just revealed the touch UI to be a TouchSmart proxy and it was very difficult to ascertain how it will actually function.

It will probably be a case where a user will be able to hook the Slate to an HDTV with some dock that will then help expand the storage space through an SD card slot. [Courtesy: HPnextbench]

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