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HP Touchsmart tm2 originally emerged as tx2000 and this was the foremost tablet in the market.Now, the present market is full of expectations and dreams about various slates and WebOS devices. Keep this trend in mind; HP has come up with a new Core i3 ULV processor along with updated tx2000 as Touchsmart tm2t. The specialty of this device is its convertible 12.1-inch touchscreen. This touchscreen allows onboard stylus to take notes along with a chicklet keyboard. This is a blend of touch experience along with a greater performance like any other powerful PC.


The latest tm2 is adorned with purplish gray aluminum cover keeping in mind the trend for metal lids with etched patterns. This aluminum cover has captivating motif engraved over it. The flowery and wavy illustration is truly captivating and almost like its Pavilion dm4. Importantly, the convertible is made quite solid and metal seen extended underneath the lid up to the palm rest and keyboard border.

The thickness factor might result as a negative for this latest tm2 from HP, which has 1.5-inch tall back hump. In fact, this back portion of the system is arranged in a way to fit well a larger sized six-cell battery. This kind of thick and 4.72-pound tablet is making it hard to sit properly in the lap and it would be ideal over a desk. The system is very well equipped with three USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet, VGA, and a combo of microphone/ headphone jacks. There is no optical drive, but you have a 4-in-one card reader in it.

Here, some of the things on tm2 are pretty well matching with Pavilion dm4. The keyboard and touchpad combo in the system is almost similar with Pavilion dm4. The squared-off keys with chcklet keyboard do not need special mentioning as this is already a huge success. Touch pad is integrated will with mouse buttons. In fact, this touchpad needs a little while to get accustomed with it well. The speakers of the tm2 at the bottom bezel of the screen are not that much perfect as those were with dm4.


The latest tm2 is gaining its attention through touchscreen. Here, it is imperative to mention that this 12.1-inch, 1280×800 pixel resolution screens comes with crisp nature. Currently, people are more interested in matte display and there this system fails to reach the expectations of a user. Also, viewing angle of the system not that much satisfactory. Particularly, when we tilt the screen around and tilt it backwards to 45 degrees angle, then it can be clearly witnessed the fade out colors over the screen. The hinges arranged for the flipping are quite solid. This is making the conversion of the system into slate mode is quite perfect through matching grooves.

The touchscreen of the tm2 quite perfect and touch screen layers seems to be extremely responsive all the time through a finger or stylus input. Scrolling the screen, slightest taps over the screen, and some more are quite perfect with enough responsiveness. If you’re using Windows 7 Home Premium, then it is suggested loading Windows 7’s touchpack to feel navigation over the OS to the perfection. Some of the things such as Garden pond screen saver or HP’s DigiFish applications will leave you in utmost astonishment with this touchscreen feel.

Now, HP has come up with few advanced touch customized application to feel the tm2’ touchscreen completely. The UI of the system is made well in a way it can consist of Cover Flow-Like carousel of programs. Through this facility, every application will open within the layer and comes along with many programs such as DVD player, Photo Viewer and many more. Here, it is quite imperative to mention the TouchSmart Twitter application and skinned IE browser. Here, the browser is arranged with touch friendly buttons in order to make surfing pleasurable and speedy. The Twitter application is an amazing feature with a simpler interface to log in along with larger size buttons. Very soon rest of the HP laptops will be arranged with this new Twitter application.

Here, it is important to mention about the Windows 7 onscreen keyboard which will be helpful for typing quick URL or tweet in tablet mode. At the same time, Wacom Stylus digitizer also will be special help for this purpose too. Stylus been pretty smooth over the screen and every text that is scratched will instantly turn up into an editable text format. This stylus got a right click button too. Actually, the tm2 is not equipped with a facility of an accelerometer and manual adjustment of screen is essential with the rotate button, which is located on the right hand side of the screen.

Graphics and Battery Life:

The tm2 is completely perfect with its Intel Ultra-low voltage 1.2 GHz Core i3 330u and 3GB of RAM and kept the Windows 7 Home Premium over the machine at faster pacing successfully. It seems to be the machine is perfect with multiple operations at a time and offered extreme performance uninterrupted for a longer duration.

If Graphics is your interest, then you should know that HP has arranged this Core i3 CPU with ATI Mobility Readon HD 5450 GPU. This GPU is a best addition for the tm2 and increased its values at the graphics front.

The tm2 is made in a way it can capture more benefit of the ULV processor in battery life. The equipped 62Wh six-cell battery is capable enough to last for complete four and half hours. You can experience 65% brightness through it.

HP Touchsmart tm2 will comes along with preloaded HP’s usual application and TouchSmart software. It is true that some of the preloaded applications such as eBay, Shutterfly and some more will end up seeing Recycle bin. The HP Dock will definitely gain attention from every user and proper customization is essential with it. Here, it is hard to ignore the HP’s QuickWeb.


It is true that today entire trend is for slate-like tablets. People are more interested about an iPad and having additional cheap laptop to fulfill computing tasks. But, it is quite imperative to remember that this HP TouchSmart tm2 is Corei3 upgrade, which can assure a powerful PC experience for you. Importantly, a laptop with powerful PC experience along with Touchscreen interface would be more effective and useful than any other viable options.

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