iDisplay, iPad Extended Desktop Option is Impressive at $4.99

Posted by Stefan on April 5th, 2010 in Apple | No Comments

You may criticize me for not talking anything other than the iPad but factually, there isn’t much I can do about it since the device has been outed a couple of days back and it bears an Apple logo. With the Apple tablet released, there are a number of accessories and applications ready to vow the iPad users and the iDisplay is one of them.

The iDisplay is a desktop extender which has the capability of turning any of your iPhone OS laden devices into a second monitor for the iPad. This is the only probable manner in which you can think of taking your Mac OS on the move.

Even if you don’t find it worth while, the desktop extender bears a shy price-tag of $4.99 so maybe you can always think of giving it a shot, and then draw conclusions about its precise use. [via: Engadget]

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