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If you are not already aware, iFunbox is already available for iPhone and is used to transfer files from Windows to iPhone in a seamless way. This is very useful utility for the iPhone users who want windows like flexibility in transfering files from their Windows machine to iPhone and vice versa.

The iFunbox is a application for windows users to use their unlocked iPod and iPhone or jail broken iPod and iPhone without using iTunes. The iFunbox is really a magnificent application to use. The iFunbox may go up to high degrees of sophistication but still it provides a user friendly environment. The iFunbox is the only application that allows a user to transfer his files to a iPod touch and iPhone and at the same time he can copy his music, contacts, videos, and photos to his system.

You can use the iFunbox to Manage files and folders on your iPhone as you will do on Windows Explorer. Addtionally it provides more user friendliness and is more robust. i-funbox now supports iOS 4.0.

Unfortunately we do not see any similar support for the MAC computers. None that we know at the time of writing.

For details of the download and other instructions you may like to check http://www.i-funbox.com/

iFunbox also has Chinese version that has been upgraded recently to version 1.4. This will help the Chinese users who mostly have been using the unlocked iPhone models.

Notice that the iFunbox works only if your iPhone is jailbroken. If it is not, you will have to first jailbreak the iphone, before you can use the iFunbox.

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