Install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC Aria

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread is luring every Android device owner with its new features. There is nothing wrong in HTC Aria owners to desire the same. Surprisingly, there are no SDK or AOSP Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROMs available for HTC Aria at this moment.

Here, XDA-Forums have come up with a solution for this purpose. There is a mechanism for this purpose. Offer the CyanogenMod Android 2.2 Froyo 6.1 and through this obtain the look and feel of Android 2.3 Gingerbread theme successfully. Coding is not needed in this mechanism.

Just follow the below steps to obtain the Gingerbread themed Android 2.2 Froyo CyanogenMod ROM for your HTC Aria. Through this mechanism, your HTC Aria will obtain entire features and additions of CyanogenMod along with the latest Gingerbread features such as launcher, keyboard, lock screen, home screen, menus, widgets and many more.


Flashing ROM on HTC Aria:

• Keep the HTC Aria rooted for this procedure.
• Make it sure that the device is equipped with custom recovery facility. You can have this from the Market and install Clockwork Recovery.
• Download the ROM and copy the same to the SD Card.
• Switch off the device and reboot it in recovery mode.
• Wipe out all the data and cache through main recovery menu. Now, go to advanced menu and wipe dalvik cache.
• Now, install the file that was saved on the SD Card from the main recovery menu. Here, you’ve to wait until it is flashed over the device.
• After the flashing, just reboot your device.

Follow the below steps as the next phase of the process:

• Download the gingerbread.xml file and save it on the desktop.
• Connect the phone to the USB port of the computer and mount the SD Card.
• On the root of the SD Card, you can find a folder with the name as “CMTHEME”, if not there, and then create one.
• Now, copy the Gingerbread.xml file to this folder.
• Now, go to settings on your phone >CyanogenMod Settings>User Interface>Tweaks Extras>Select Theme, and select ‘Gingerbread’.

Now, you can install Gingerbread Keyboard if interested with the following steps:

• Download the Gingerbread Keyboard and copy it to SD Card.
• Switch off the phone and reboot into recovery mode.
• Select ‘install zip from SD Card’, select the file from the SD Card.
• Reboot the device from recovery mode.

Link for Gingerbread Themed CyanogenMod 6.1.1 ROM for HTC Aria is below and anchor link this:

Anchor link for the Gingerbread.xml file download:

Gingerbread Keyboard down load link for HTC Aria:

Framework-res. Apk download link:

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